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Wyse WY-55 Terminal 901237-01 NEW, IN STOCK WYSE 55
Price: $495.00
Manufacturer: Wyse Technologies
Model: 901237-01
Product Condition: New
6 Month Standard
Extend to 1 Year(+$50.00) 
Extend to 2 Years(+$105.00) 
Qty:   $495.00 EACH
All orders placed for overnight delivery must be ordered before 12:00 noon CST. Products ordered after the cutoff will be shipped the next day.

WYSE WY 55 Terminal
WYSE WY 55 Terminal
New Wyse WY-55 Terminal
New Wyse WY-55 Terminal
Item Description:

Wyse WY-55 Terminal 901237-01 New in Box!Only 1 left in Stock.

Wyse WY55 Terminal Specifications

CPU : 14.746 MHz 8032 microcontroller
MEMORY : 24KB high-speed static CMOS RAM (includes two 8KB lithium battery-backed RAMs)
VIDEO : Up to 7 pages of display memory
Display Features
MONITOR SIZE : 14-in diagonal, flat, non-glare CRT
IMAGE SIZE : Horizontal Image 237 mm ▒ 4.0 mm (9.243 in ▒ 0.156 in) Vertical Image 70 Hz Mode: 186 mm ▒ 4.0 mm (7.254 in ▒ 0.156 in) 80 Hz Mode: 177 mm ▒ 4.0 mm (6.903 in ▒ 0.156 in)
COLORS : P-31(G), P-134(A), P-188(W) phosphors
RESOLUTION : Vertical Horizontal
AlphaNumeric Features
PERSONALITIES : WY-50, WY-50+, WY-60, WY-120/120+, WY-150/150+, Televideo TVI-905/910+/925, ADDS Viewpoint A2, Hazeltine 1500, DEC VT-52,VT-100, VT-220; PCTerm; UNIX Console
CHARACTER : 26/44 lines by 80/132 columns 26 lines: 10x13, 10x15, or 10x16 in 80 columns, 9x13, 9x15, or 9x16 in 132 columns 44 lines: 10x9 in 80 columns; 9x9 in 132 columns.
Fonts : Simultaneously program and display 512 unique characters and symbols.
ATTRIBUTES : All combinations of reverse, underline, blink; choice of double-high and/or double-wide per line.
INTENSITIES : Normal, dim, bold, blank (invisible)
CURSOR : Block or underline; blink, steady or off
DESIGN : Low-profile with two-position tilt; detached with 5-foot(1.5 meter) coiled cable.
LAYOUTS : Wyse ASCII (101 keys), Wyse ANSI (105 keys), Enhanced PC (102 keys) and International Enhanced PC (103 keys).
FUNCTION KEYS : Up to 16 dedicated F-Keys; Up to 66 programmable key-functions.
OPTIONS: Localization kit Languages vary by keyboards
Models/Part Numbers
NORTH AMERICA : WY-55, green 901237-01 WY-55, white 901237-04 WY-55, amber 901237-07 WY-55ES, white only 901237-20 (replaces 901237-10).
INTERNATIONAL : WY-55, green 901237-01 (replaces 901237-02) WY-55, white 901237-04 (replaces 901237-05) WY-55, amber 901237-07 (replaces 901237-08) WY-55ES, white only 901237-20 (replaces 901237-08).
MODES : Full/halfduplex, block, half duplex block, monitor, local.
MODEM AND AUX PORT : Asynchronous EIA RS-232 serial, female DB-25 connector; up to 115.2 Kbaud.
THIRD PORT : (ES ONLY): Centronics compatible parallel printer port.

Wyse designed the WY-55 and WY-55ES to work in a broad spectrum of environments with almost any computer system. Usersácan select any of the most popular ASCII emulations (including the fully compatible WY-50 mode), ANSI (such as VT220), PCTerm and UNIX Console. This great mix of personalities can handle traditional minicomputer and mainframe environments as well as multiuser PCs.

Great Ergonomics
State-of-the-art technology and design make the WY-55 and WY-55ES exceptionally user-friendly. Choose a green, amber, or paper-white 14-inch flat screen. The extra-fast 80 Hz refresh rate delivers a flicker-free dynamic-focused display image. High-resolution character cells offer clear and crisp text. Overscan, borderless full-screen video further enhances viewing comfort. High-quality keyboards with the unique (Wyse touch) and feel are still the industry's all-time favorite. Further, a built-in (Rest Timer) can remind users to do what its name suggests. Streamlined and stylish housing offers front-mount brightness, contrast and power controls, a tilt-and-swivel base, plus a firmware access door for easy feature upgrades.

For low emissions, the WY-55ES is the terminal of choice. It conforms to guidelines for electrostatic, very low- and extremely low-frequency electromagnetic emissions recommended in the Swedish MPR 1990:10 publication (MPR II).

Simply the Best
From a broad range of personalities and world-class ergonomics to affordable price, Wyse offers it all in one stylish package. Always expect the best from Wyse. It's one more reason Wyse is the world's leading supplier of general purpose terminals.

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Wyse Support Wyse Support
User's Manuals & Setup Guides User's Manuals & Setup Guides
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