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Okidata ML 321 Printhead OKI 50063802
Price: $40.00
Manufacturer: Okidata OKI
Model: 50063802
Product Condition: Refurbished
6 Month Standard
Qty:   $40.00 EACH
All orders placed for overnight delivery must be ordered before 12:00 noon CST. Products ordered after the cutoff will be shipped the next day.

Okidata ML320 Print Head ML321 Printer Head
Okidata ML320 Print Head ML321 Printer Head
Item Description:

Okidata Oki ML 321 50063802  Printhead that has been Tested by our Oki Authorized Technicians. Compatible with Oki ML320 Printers . 9 pins of impact.

Also compatible with these other printers (same part): Bren 8320, Bren 8321, Genicom 930, Genicom 935, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 100,  Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 150,  Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 151, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 152, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 153, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 154, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 200, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 250, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 54, Plus Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 61, Slip Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 50, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 51,  Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 52, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 53,  Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 61, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 62, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 63,  Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 64, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 62 Slip/Receipt,  Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 63 Slip/Receipt,  Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 64 Slip/Journal, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 70, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 71,  Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 72, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 75,  Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 76, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 90, Plus Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 91, Receipt Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 92, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 93, Ithaca Peripherals Pcos 94, Ithaca Peripherals Series 50, Ithaca Peripherals Series 60, Ithaca Peripherals Series 70, Ithaca Peripherals Series 90, Memorex 1173,  Memorex 2173B, NCR 6417, NCR 6427, Okidata 120 Okidata, 172 Okidata, 180 Okidata, 182 Okidata, 182 Elite Okidata, 183 Okidata, 184 Okidata, 182 Plus Okidata, 182Tty Okidata 182 Turbo, Okidata 183 Plus, Okidata 184 Turbo, Okidata 192 Elite, Okidata 192 Plus, Okidata 193 Elite, Okidata 193 Plus, Okidata 192, Okidata 193, Okidata 194, Okidata 195, Okidata 240, Okidata 320, Okidata 321, Okidata 321, Elite Okidata 390, Okidata 391, Okidata 5320S, Okidata 380, Series Okidata 390 Plus, Okidata 390 Series, Okidata 391 Plus, Okidata 391 Series, Okidata Micoline 172, Okidata Microline 180, Okidata Microline 182, Okidata Microline 182 Plus, Okidata Microline 182 TTY, Okidata Microline 182 Turbo , Okidata Microline 183, Okidata Microline 184 Turbo, Okidata Microline 192, Okidata Microline 192, Elite Okidata Micoline 192, Plus Okidata Microline 193, Okidata Microline 194, Okidata Microline 195, Okidata Microline 280, Okidata Microline 320, Turbo Okidata Microline 321, Okidata Microline 3320, Okidata Microline 3321, Okidata Okimate 120, Okidata ML172, Okidata ML180, Okidata ML182, Okidata ML183, Okidata ML192, Okidata ML193, Okidata ML194, Okidata ML195, Okidata ML240, Okidata ML320, Okidata ML321, Okidata ML380, Okidata ML388, Series Okidata ML390, Series Okidata ML 391 Series, Okidata Okipos 425D, Okidata Okipos 425s, Okidata Okipos Series 50, Okidata Okipos Series 90 Sasi Pos System/ with Ithaca 53, Texas Instruments 830, Texas Instruments 835, Texas Instruments 830e, Texas Instruments 835e, Texas Instruments Omni 800 Model 830, Texas Instruments Omni 800 Model 830e, Texas Instruments Omni 800 Model 835, Texas Instruments Omni 800 Model 835e, Unisys AP1337, Unisys AP1339, Unisys UDS-1320 and Unisys UDS-321.

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