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Lexmark T630 12A7462 MICR Toner Cartridge
Lexmark T630 12A7462 MICR Toner Cartridge
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DEC Digital VT510 Terminal
Price: $295.00
Manufacturer: Digital Dec Terminals
Model: DEC VT510
Product Condition: Refurbished
6 Month Standard
Extend to 1 Year(+$50.00) 
Extend to 2 Years(+$100.00) 
Qty:   $295.00 EACH
All orders placed for overnight delivery must be ordered before 12:00 noon CST. Products ordered after the cutoff will be shipped the next day.

Item Description:

Digital VT510 Terminal refurbished by our trained Technicians. NO BASE.            VT510 FEATURES:Designed for user comfort and convenience, including overscan and refresh rate for flicker-free viewing; crisp, clear characters Low cost of ownership; additional warranty lowers cost of aintenance Easy-to-use Windows-like setup and enhancements using a snap-in cartridge Downloadable macros Off-screen memory up to 3 pages of memory, expandable to 6, of embedded ASCII 6,000 characters macro buffer 804characters of non-volatile memory Vertical and  horizontal scrolling. Support for 25 languages; 5 setup languages. Compatible with more than 30 operating systems. Each key is programmable to 8 levels by means of the local define key editor, with contents stored in non-volatile memory.

Desktop accessories: copy and paste, calculator, clock with 2 alarms, character set tables, "hot" key (to desktop features), "sticky" keys (single-key method for type multiple key sequences for physically challenged).

Energy Star compliant

EMULATIONS:  ANSI Digital VT52/100/220/320/420/510, PCTerm SCOŽ console mode ASCII ADDS Viewpoint A2 Televideo 910+, 925, 950 Wyse 50/50+, 120/150, 60/160, Wyse PCTerm.

The keyboard cable now has a male PS/2 connection to plug into the female PS/2 connection on the side of the monitor. Earlier monitors had an female RJ11 connection to work with an RJ11 keyboard cable. Adapter cables (for PS/2 keyboard to RJ11 monitor or RJ11 keyboard to PS/2 monitor) are available, for mismatched sets of monitor and keyboard.full/half duplex, block 1 EIA RS-232, DB-25 male and female (300 to 115.2K)1 DEC 423 6-pin MMJ 1 DB-25 printer port, female: Centronics compatible or serial (ANSI or IBM ProPrinter support).

6-pin mini-DIN keyboard connector for PS/2-compatible input devices.

DISPLAY FEATURES 14" diagonal, flat-faced, anti-glare CRT24, 25, 26, 36, 42, 48, 50, 53 lines. 80 and 132 columns attributes: blink, underline, reverse, double-high, double-wide. 72Hz or 60Hz refresh rate. ERGONOMICS 14" flat face, reduced glare, high resolution screen. Bezel-to-bezel overscan to eliminate border. 70 Hz refresh rate for flicker-free viewing choice of green, amber or page-white phosphor embedded and non-embedded attributes on the screen at the same time conveniently located contrast, brightness, and power controls. Fully adjustable tilt and swivel. 


88-264 VAC, single-phase, three-wire design 100-120V or auto range 100-240V with detachable keyboard Frequency: 47/63 Hz.


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